Khẩu trang 3M 9001 9042 9210 9211

Khẩu trang 3M 9001 9042 9210 9211

  • Mã sản phẩm: KT13
  • Xut xứ: 3M (Mỹ)
  • Tiêu chun: NIOSH
  • Cht liu: Giấy sợi hoạt tính
  • Tính năng: Y tế, phòng sạch, công nghiệp khai khoáng, sản xuất công nghiệp, công nghiệp hóa chất.

At 3M, we’ve been developing disposable respirators with Advanced Electrostatic Media (AEM). Our unique manufacturing process injects a high level of electrostatic charge into microfibers arranged in an open formation that allow for the greater passage of air through the media.

3M's comprehensive range of disposable respirators: Economy, Classis, Comfort-Plus Series ensure that we have the right product to meet customer needs. We offer specialty respirators that provide protection against particles and reduce irritation from certain low level gases and vapours. Also available are lightweight and effective welding respirators.

We offer unique 3-panel design flat fold respirators as well as cupped. The range includes Class P1 and P2 protection. For added worker comfort, the respirators are also available with 3MTM Cool Flow™ exhalation valve.

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